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 Rules and Member List

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PostSubject: Rules and Member List   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:02 pm

Current Status: Open
We are Kingdom Knights. We welcome all who wish to join us.

1. What is KingdomKnights?
The Backstory
We are a guild of what you would call "a little bit of everything." We hold PvP, Dungeon, Art, and a menagerie of Activities for our members.

2. So what does it take to join?
Nothing hard! Just fill out the application in the Application Thread to show your current strength so that your ranking can be established. Just be in good standing, be friendly, helpful and you are guaranteed admission into the guild.

3. What are the Rules?
Note: If you fail to follow these rules you will receive a warning; anything after a warning will result in a kick. Multiple kicks from this guild will result in a ban which will prevent you from applying to this guild ever again. Multiple resignations will also result in a ban as well.


* Must act in a friendly, respectable manner. Immaturity will be tolerated to a point.
* Anything goes in PvP (unless there are restrictions). Just follow the ToS and ToU and you will be fine.
* You must follow any Room rules set by the host.
* In formal PvP, tournaments rules must be followed or be immediately disqualified.
* Don't accuse people of Wins-Trading or Hacking without proof.
If you don't follow these your stay will be short lived.

* Must act in a friendly, respectable manner. Don't nag to kick someone out of the room or nag them to start or ready. Patience is key.
* Must allow any guildie into your room unless there are certain room rules.
* You must follow any room rules set by the host.
* The 5ecret W0rd is Aphrodisiac
If you don't follow these your stay will be short lived.

* Must post at least once a week, either here or in the guild forum. If you don't you will be marked "inactive." If you are "inactive" for 2 weeks, you will be kicked from the guild. Three inactive kicks = 1 week ban from joining the guild.
* If you cannot post/log-in, state why and for how long.
* Be friendly to your fellow members.
* Offer help when its needed, but nothing violating the ToU.
* No double guilding.
If you don't follow these your stay will be short lived.


Note: If you have an "Inactive" sign next to your name, that means you are inactive and serves as a warning. Two weeks after you will receive a "Dead" marker as your second warning and if you don't solve the problem then you will be kicked.
If you have a TK (or Trickster Knight), you are part of the Trickster branch.
If you have a DK (or Dungeon Knight), you are part of the Dungeon Fighter branch.
If you have a MK (or Maple Knight), you are part of the Maplestory branch.



[[[KeyBlade Wielder]]]

[Guild Leaders]

HDP- ∞ lKKlHibari

HDP- ∞ shadyX5 / Jashiin

HDP- ∞ lKKlShugo

[Co Leader]


[[[Darkside]]]Level 70+ (GC Lv 71+)(TK Lv 200+)

HDP- 50 |KK|Dashie / Rainbow Dash - Munni- 44300

HDP- 200 Suave

HDP- 2100 JamesP / Twilight Sparkle - Munni- 388225

[[[Shadow Stalker]]]Level 55-69 (GC Lv 61 - 70)(TK Lv 160-199)

[[[Invisible]]]Level 41-55 (GC Lv 51 - 60)(TK Lv 120-159)

[[[NeoShadow]]]Level 31-40 (GC Lvl 41 - 50)(TK Lv 80-119

[[[Darkball]]]Level 21-30 (GC Lvl 31 - 40)(TK Lv 50-79)

[[[Shadow]]]Level 0-20 (GC Lvl 0 - 30)(TK Lv 0-49)

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Rules and Member List
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