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 Guild Record

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PostSubject: Guild Record   Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:21 am

Here will be the place yyou can truely have bragging right.
This is the place where you may be acknowledge for the things you accomplish.

Hall of Fame

This is where your names will be displayed and what for. It could be for doing so phenomenol on a special event of skill and/or speed.
It may be for posessing a large quantity of something rare.
it may even be for doing a difficult challenge and succeeding being the first.

Just make sure in whatever you do, you give it your all if you want the memories to shoulder on the guild.

The Hall of Famers

-Sci: being such a phenomenal leader and leading us this far.
You shall be remembered for everything you put into this guild, you crazy son of a Chatot!

-Roslynleah: One of the most dedicated members of all time. Everything with you was always up and over the top when it came down to the guild, always giving 200%. Your memories will forever be with us.

-Defenders of the castle:
James, Drew, Sirfelix, Shugo, Shady
Thank you for always trying to find the time to defend the castle from grave threats and danger, puting your time into playing just to protect this sacred castle. You are all to be considered heroes and most dedicated of members amongst the rest and future to come guildmates.

Guild Event Winners:
-Fashionist Event: Winner - James

-Black and White Unova Gym Leaders Event: Shugo, James, 1YearOldKid, Dakilla

-Keyblade Graveyard and TWDEWY: Shugo, Shady, James, 1YearOldKid, Koopa

-Guild Emblem Creation: iLaysChips

Guild Tournaments:
-Champion of the Knights: Winner - Sloth

-One Year Anniversary Week 3 Team Tourney: James and Rose

-Aperture Sci-ence! PvP Tag team Tournament: Krona and Tachi

-Triple Threat Team Tourney: Rose, Sci, Shady

-Winner of the KK Tourney: Tachi

-Winner of KK's first Tournament: Koopa

More to come........

~True Administrator
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Guild Record
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