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 New Rules and New Change to Weekly Updates

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PostSubject: New Rules and New Change to Weekly Updates   Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:06 pm

A few new rules. Not much, but just here for your information

1. Follow the same rules as the ones on the guild thread in the GC forums.
Pretty self-explanatory. Also follow the same basic Forum rules as on the GC forums. Of course, I am more liberal on what goes on at my own forums so don't worry too much.

2. (This is mostly to mods). Don't delete or edit posts whenever you feel like it. Edit a post if you think it is very inflammatory, or dangerous to someone. If it's a situation where they did something wrong, talk first. Same with deletion, however only do that in the extreme (I.E Spamming).

That's about it for now. I will add more later. Global announcements will also be exclusive to me only or when a mod receives permission to use it (and using announcement in every single thread for the same topic will result in bad things happening, so no loopholes, kay?)

3. Trading, gifts, etc. Any Points, Crests, and anything like that are nontransferable as of now. Meaning if you are leaving the guild, the points will disappear with you. Munni is still transferable, however, one person can only be given up to 10K. You may give more to others.

Aggressor-related note: rare equipment is on the same boat. you cannot give rare equipment, and you can only trade rare equipment if you have a double of it. (I.E you have a second Kingdom Key for some reason, you can trade that).

and Weekly updates will now be held every two weeks

All this means is just every two weeks, everyone gets 2 DP, AP, 1000 munni, and so on.

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New Rules and New Change to Weekly Updates
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